The website gives you the opportunity to purchase the books you wish

Recently, we often hear and read that printed books and reading are no longer relevant. Technological achievements have contributed to their replacement in electronic form or were generally out of use.

Our 1Dram website is dedicated to solving these problems to promote the wide spread of reading in our society and to raise awareness about contemporary Armenian literature.

The site allows you to purchase each of your own books by exchanging and buying, as well as selling them. Advertising on the site is also the promotion of advertising posters.

The ultimate goal of our literary, cultural and art platform is to find new, still unknown writers and artists, enabling them to present their works and to be recognized by the public.

Literary events regularly held in Yerevan and the provinces, such as “Author’s Chairs” and “Circular Readings,” allow creators to make their first steps in the appropriate environment, finding their readers.

If you are also creating, you want to share with everyone in your art, but do not have permanent hearing ears and eye-catching eyes, then our platform is for you. Write us!

1Dram’s future plans include acquiring permanent and daily users, frequent events and competitions in Armenia, Artsakh, and abroad. Mutual contact of artists living in different cities and countries will enable them to gain new friends, knowledge, experience and even greater audience.

We have begun a complex process that has a tendency not only to be a pan-Armenian, but also a global phenomenon, involving all the possible countries, which will further strengthen the intercultural communication between the peoples.


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